PurePods – Brand Video

One out of the box… literally 

Our production crew loved this concept, and we literally immersed ourselves into this project from the very start. PurePods is an innovative and entirely original accommodation concept that enables guests to immerse themselves in a completely private, authentic and natural experience of New Zealand. Essentially a luxury hotel or motel room encased in a heavy-duty glass box. PurePods are situated in remote, secluded locations, enabling guests to observe and interact with the natural environment in a way that combines a high level of comfort with an intense experience of nature.

We used almost every kind of production  technology on this shoot, starting with the base footage shot in ultra high definition (UHD) at 4K resolution. Our UHD cameras were used in combination with our 3-axis stabilized handheld gimbal system with custom sensors, powerful motors and advanced algorithms putting world-class, precision tracking in our hands. Next we lifted off…literally, our drone pilot and cinematographer took to the air, using our 4K resolution aerial drone, capturing some stunning aerial footage. We then set-up our time-lapse camera systems to capture some awesome starlight shots. Finally due to availability, we shot the people speaking on-camera within our studios against a blue-screen, then chroma-keyed seamlessly into the forest scene.

A great job… our client loved the end result, and more importantly the video gained significant business response for Purepods.