Woodsman – Brand TV Commercial

The warmth of a Woodsman fire.

Harris Home Fires have spent generations keeping fires at the heart of Kiwi homes. Established in 1887 the company has remained a family business ever since, currently being run by the 4th and 5th generations of the Harris family.

We we’re commissioned by the company’s agency Harvey Cameron, to produce a series of television commercials depicting the beauty and rugged harshness of New Zealand winters, and the comforting feeling of coming home to the warm glow of a Woodsman fire.

For our crew, the production took place over many winter months of bitterly cold, early morning starts, across the South Island, and deep into snow-capped southern mountains. We wanted to introduce a dynamic feeling to the imagery, so decided to use a combination of different yet complimentary techniques, including time-lapse, aerial ‘Drone’ and live-action cinematography. We designed, built and art-directed a full livingroom set, with a Woodsman fire at its heart.

Our post-production crew then set about editing, compositing, recording the voice tracks and sound mixing with music and effects. The end result, combining stunning scenery with music and (non-professional) voices, brought a real sense of authenticity to this iconic, New Zealand brand story.